At present,our company is cooperating with FUwai and many top three hospitals to do clinical trials,it's expected to become the first approved enterprise in field in China.

Functional evaluation of coronary artery stenosis:CT-FFR,

which means that it is possible to obtain coronary FFR values in a non-invasive,low-cost,and efficient manner.

CT-FFR 3D effect display
3D rotation display
FFR data

Product Brief

CT-based blood flow reserve score calculation software system - CT-FFR

This product mainly uses artificial intelligence to analyze coronary CT data, simulate calculations to obtain FFR values, and provide decision-making basis for subsequent treatment plans. This product belongs to Class III medical devices in the medical device management category, which can effectively replace the current surgical testing, greatly reducing the patient's surgical risk and medical costs. This product is the latest application in medical imaging, fluid mechanics, AI, and cloud computing technology.

Product introduction

Cardiovascular disease is the first killer of mankind

There are 290 million cardiovascular disease patients in China, including about 11 million coronary heart disease, and nearly 1 million people die of coronary heart disease every year. Mortality ranks first in cardiovascular disease. Coronary heart disease is short for coronary atherosclerotic heart disease and is one of the most common types of heart disease.

Cardiovascular disease is the first killer of human beings
  • Invasive

  • expensive

  • time consuming

The main intervention techniques currently used for the diagnosis of coronary heart disease are coronary angiography (CAG) and blood flow reserve fraction (FFR). CAG can only evaluate the anatomical changes of coronary arteries, and can not evaluate the hemodynamic parameters reflecting coronary function. In recent years, the FFR reflecting the influence of vascular stenosis on hemodynamics has been clinically proven to be more accurate and reliable. Ischemic coronary stenosis has been shown to be the gold standard for clinical evaluation of coronary ischemia, and planning for stent surgery based on FFR is better than CAG. However, since the detection of blood flow reserve fraction is an invasive examination using a pressure guide wire, and the detection equipment is expensive and requires high operation, it has not been widely used in clinical practice at present, and only a few top three hospitals can perform FFR diagnosis.

Geometric stenosis:Geometric stenosis: not equal to ischemia
Diagnosing ischemic gold criteria:Diagnosing ischemic gold criteria: blood flow reserve fraction (FFR) can better assess ischemia
Diagnostic Advantages
  • Non-invasive

  • low-cost

  • efficient

Our company independently developed the CT-FFR, a functional evaluation program for coronary artery stenosis, which effectively solved the non-invasive measurement problem of FFR and was inexpensive. Using artificial intelligence to analyze coronary CT data, simulation calculations to obtain FFR values, to provide a basis for decision-making for subsequent treatment options. Foreign companies have launched similar products and have begun to use them in large quantities in the United States. It is expected that CT-FFR will become an important means of heart disease detection in China in the future, which will bring benefits to hundreds of millions of patients.

Anatomical model
Physiological model
FFR Intelligent Computing
FFR value
Surgical planning
The results of non-invasive FFR showed that in this case, placement of the stent is better than coronary bypass for coronary heart disease.
  • Preoperative

  • stent

  • bypass

Product Innovation

Non-invasive elimination of surgical risks, efficient and time-saving

At present, FFR is measured by a pressure guide wire, and it is necessary to perform local anesthesia on the human body, which is risky. The non-invasive CT-FFR used by our company is based on CT data and is a non-invasive measurement that can eliminate the risk of surgery for patients. Moreover, the non-invasive measurement time only needs to be calculated for 1 hour, which is much shorter than the traditional operation time.

Reduce patient medical costs and ease medical treatment

At present, domestic FFR surgery is about 15,000-20,000 yuan, but the cost of using CT-FFR is less than one-tenth of surgery. In addition, according to reports in the literature, nearly half of the patients who underwent stenting according to CAG do not need stenting, so the promotion of CT-FFR can reduce the number of stents used. According to the statistics of 2018, the annual interventional treatment volume reached more than 910,000 cases, and the national implanted stents were about 1.33 million sets.

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